Register of Medical Clinics

Provided is a list of medical clinics that currently service residential aged care facilities in Wodonga.


Register of Medical Clinics

Information Current at November 3 2021

Wodonga West Medical Clinic

Clinic Phone: 02 6056 2447
Clinic Email:

Currently servicing:
Westmont Homestead
Lutheran (Albury)

Federation Medical Clinic

Clinic Phone: 02 6059 2500
Clinic Email:

Currently servicing:
Westmont Homestead

What to do

  1. Select a Medical Clinic that has GPs that visits you or your loved one’s future RACF
  2. Phone your chosen Medical Clinic and make an initial enquiry
  3. Access the Contact a GP online form   
  4. Complete, submit online to your chosen Medical Clinic
  5. Medical Clinic will contact you to further discuss request and accept or decline* the request.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 if request not accepted.

If you need help to access, complete or submit forms please:

  • Contact your future RACF if you are currently living at home
  • Ask to speak to a Social Worker if you are currently in hospital
*Please be aware it is at the Medical Clinics and GPs discretion whether they have immediate capacity to accept ‘new’ patients. 

**Disclaimer: The Register is a list of Medical Clinics with Visiting GPs who have chosen to affiliate with the Wodonga GPs Aged Care Access website and the underpinning Models of Best Practice. To research all Medical Clinics operating in the Wodonga area who may also have GPs that visit local Residential Aged Care Facilities to provide medical services to residents, please use the Health Direct link in the Information Hub Tab.

Download Register of Medical Clinics and Instructions PDF here


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